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Biopolymers and Cell. 2011. Vol. 27. N 5

Biopolymers and Cell. 2011. Vol. 27. N 5

GALOYAN A. A., VASSETZKY Y. S. Foreword Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):338

ABRAHAMYAN S. S., MELIKSETYAN I. B., SAHAKYAN I. K., TUMASYAN N. V., BADALYAN B. Yu., GALOYAN A. A. Brain plasticity of rats exposed to prenatal immobilization stress Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):339-342

ARESHKOV P. O., AVDIEIEV S. S., IERSHOV A. V., KAVSAN V. M. Stimulation of transient versus sustained ERK1/2 phosphorylation by relative chitinase-like proteins CHI3L1 and CHI3L2 correlates with different kinase localization and biological outcome Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):343-346

CHAILAKHYAN R. K., GALOYAN A. A., GERASIMOV Yu. V., STEPANOVA E. V., CHAILAKHYAN M. R., SOLOMKO E. Sh. Effect of proline-rich polypeptide on various lines of tumour cells, normal bone marrow and giant-cell tumour stromal tissue Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):347-349

DANIELYAN K. E., KEVORKIAN G. A. Xanthine oxidase activity regulates human embryonic brain cells growth Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):350-353

DAVTYAN T. K., AVETISYAN S. A., HAKOBYAN G. S. Mutations in MEFV cause alterations in neutrophil F-actin and phagocytosis dynamics Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):354-358

DMITRIEV P. V., BARAT A. L., COCHET E., OGRYZKO V. V., LAOUDJ-CHENIVESSE D., LIPINSKI M., VASSETZKY Y. S. FSHD myoblasts fail to downregulate intermediate filament protein vimentin during myogenic differentiation. Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):359-363

GAVRILOV A. A., PHILONENKO E. S., IAROVAIA O. V., RAZIN S. V. Dynamic nature of active chromatin hubs Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):364-368

GUDKOVA D. O., PANASYUK G. G., NEMAZANYY I. O., FILONENKO V. V. PI3K/mTOR-dependent signaling pathway as a possible regulator of processing bodies’ assembly Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):369-372

HARUTYUNYAN L. R. Results on complex treatment of patients with glial tumors of brain with local chemotherapyBiopolym. Cell 27,(5):373-376

KARALYAN Z. A., AVAGYAN H. R. Selective cytotoxicity and modification activity of picornaviruses on transformed cell lines Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):377-380

KOBBI L., DIAS J., OCTOBRE G., COMISSO M., KAMINSKA M., SHALAK V. F., MIRANDE M. Association of mitochondrial lysyl-tRNA synthetase with HIV-1 GagPol involves catalytic domain of the synthetase and transframe and integrase domains of Pol Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):381-382

KUTUZOV M. M., AME J.-C., KHODYREVA S. N., SCHREIBER V., LAVRIK O. I. Interaction of PARP2 with DNA structures mimicking DNA repair intermediatesBiopolym. Cell 27,(5):383-386

LAZYAN M. P., DAVTYAN H. H., BATIKYAN T. B., KAZARYAN R. A., ALEXANYAN K. A., GALSTYAN H. M., TADEVOSYAN Yu. V. Disturbances in lipid second messengers generation by stimulated blood lymphocytes in breast cancer Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):387-389

MASSADE L. Characterization and vectorization of siRNA targeting RET/PTC1 in human papillary thyroid carcinoma cellsBiopolym. Cell 27,(5):390-393

Region-specific nitric oxide production in cytosolic and mitochondrial compartments of the rat brain tissues following chronic stress-induced depression-like behavior Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):394-397

RUBTSOV M. A., GLUKHOV S. I., ALLINNE J., PICHUGIN A., VASSETZKY Y. S., RAZIN S. V., IAROVAIA O. V. Treatment of lymphoid cells with the topoisomerase II poison etoposide leads to an increased juxtaposition of AML1 and ETO genes on the surface of nucleoli.Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):398-403

TER-POGOSYAN Z. R. Parameters оf cytokine regulation as additional criterion of immunodiagnosis Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):404-407

Chronicle and Information
IV International Meeting «Early Events in Human Pathologies» (12–16 October 2011 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia) Biopolym. Cell 27,(5):408-420

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